23 Things That Never Actually Happen In Real Life

If only life were a movie.

1. Your loved one runs through the entire airport to reach you.

New Line Cinema / Via 8ast.tumblr.com

TSA would be all over that shit. That is what texting is for, ya goofball.

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2. Your hair looks flawless without you doing anything to it.

Disney / Via 8ast.tumblr.com

Haha yeah right.

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3. Someone you are not dating writes you a letter every single day for a year.

New Line Cinema / Via supernatural-mind.blogspot.com

Like seriously, this would be so creepy.

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4. You manage to eat spaghetti while looking sexy and without getting sauce all over your shirt.

Disney / Via giphy.com

Pasta sauce ratio is always 50% on your pasta, 50% on your clothing.

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5. Something explodes and people are able to just walk away from the fire.

Marvel Entertainment / Via starscream-and-hutch.tumblr.com


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6. You get a letter in the mail that says you’re a wizard.

Warner Brothers / Via winds-of-desolation.tumblr.com

And not a day goes by you aren’t upset about it. Oh, is that just me?

ID: 2615954

7. Fights are so organized that you can take time to show off first.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via atrl.net

Don’t mind me, I’ll be here preparing for my fight until you get bored enough that we can just call it a night.

ID: 2627566

8. Your dog talks to you in your native language.

No matter how much you talk to them.

ID: 2615960

9. You see someone in the mirror who wasn’t there before.

Scary movies have basically ruined mirrors FOREVER.

ID: 2627817

10. You take off your glasses and immediately become the most popular and beautiful girl at school.

Paramount / Via entmagazine.tumblr.com

Cause, like, no one has ever looked sexy in glasses, am I right?!

ID: 2627988

11. Something awesome happens, so you get your own flash mob.

A girl can dream.

ID: 2628096

12. You can randomly fluently speak a language you’ve never heard before.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

A modern-day superpower.

ID: 2628657

13. Animals are allowed to do normal human things.

Disney / Pixar / Via disneypixar.tumblr.com

Really? It’s OK to eat something that was cooked by a rat?

ID: 2628858

14. You jump huge distances but are never injured.

Eon Productions / Via totalfilm.tumblr.com

I’ll just jump into this train. Don’t worry about me.

ID: 2630880

15. You grow up in a montage format.

TriStar Pictures / Via giphy.com

The sweetest way to grow up.

ID: 2629357

16. No matter how many bullets are fired, you never get hit.

Warner Brothers / Via dailypopin.blogspot.com

In the wrong place and the wrong time but also always in the right place at the right time.

ID: 2630944

17. DNA is decoded immediately.

CBS / Via telegraph.co.uk

How great would it be if all crimes were solved in an hour?

ID: 2631202

18. You are able to get dressed and undressed without getting stuck in the wrong pant leg and falling over.

Good luck with that.

ID: 2634939

19. You’re able to eloquently say how you feel about someone without making an idiot of yourself or freaking anyone out.

Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Via blaria.com

It doesn’t just come out in a series of emojis.

ID: 2635097

20. Kissing in the rain is romantic and not at all cold and horrible.

ID: 2635205

21. You scream, “Follow that cab!” and it works.

It’s like the writers have never been to a major city before. There is no way you’re going to be able to follow that cab. It’s time for a plan B.

ID: 2635434

22. Your jam comes on and everyone at the party can do a coordinated dance routine to it.

Revolution Studios / Via google.com
ID: 2636143

23. An angel and devil appear to help you make important decisions.


In real life that is called your mother.

ID: 2636891

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