21 Reasons It’s Awesome To Have Your Sister As Your Best Friend

Sister, sister!

1. You have a built-in date for 1 a.m. McDonald’s runs.

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2. And someone to look at when your mom makes really uncomfortable comments.

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Usually about the fact that you are going to McDonald’s at 1 a.m.

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3. You have a partner to start 1,000 different projects with.

Extra points if you are actually so talented that you become famous from it!

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4. And someone to keep you grounded when you’re actually making it big.

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5. Your sister will be there for all your milestones.

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6. And can share the trouble when your parents find out.

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7. Laughing? How about until you can’t breathe anymore.

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8. Which makes family vacations actually fun.

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9. Your sister will always know the right way to compliment you.

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10. They’ll give you tough love when you start slipping into bad habits.

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11. But will keep their judgments to themselves because you have matching crazies.

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12. Until you don’t.

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13. But that’s OK because only you guys can understand how truly crazy your family is.

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14. Or that dance you guys used to perform as kids.

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15. Just be careful because they WILL be your maid of honor and WILL embarrass you with it.

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16. Your reactions are always the same, so words are rarely needed.

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17. Your closet is double the size.

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18. Which can be used to wear matching outfits.

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19. And great for when they help you get ready for dates.

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Whether it be physically or mentally.

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20. And even if it doesn’t feel like it, they always have your back.

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21. Even if it comes to physical blows.

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Because people come and go, but sisters are forever!

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