21 Signs Your Relationship With Netflix Has Gotten Out Of Control

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

1. You haven’t turned on your television in days.*

*probably since the last episode of Breaking Bad.

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2. Or slept, because every time you think you’ll put your computer down you see the countdown to the next episode and figure, “one more can’t hurt.”

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3. You take the computer into the bathroom with you so that you don’t have to pause.

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4. You flip when you meet someone who just finished binge watching the same show you did.

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5. Whenever your computer goes silent for a second you get anxiety that Netlix has paused itself.

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6. Sometimes you wonder how Netflix knows what you want before you even do.

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7. And when they don’t you just laugh them off…

Silly Netflix, you’re drunk.

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8. You ask your date if they’d like to come over, but it’s really just so you can continue to watch tv.

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9. You watch Netflix at the gym.

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10. Until you get this message and debate leaving.

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11. Sometimes you watch things with subtitles just to see what happens.

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12. But you also know how to hide them so they don’t interfere with your visuals.

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13. You judge someone who tries to judge you for binge watching House of Cards.

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14. You’ve started to think its normal to watch back-to-back Nicolas Cage movies.

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15. You get anxiety when you have to stop watching a show mid-binge.

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16. And there is no way in hell you’re leaving your apartment mid-episode. What are you, crazy?!

Netflix / Via gifsfln.tumblr.com
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17. You feel the heat when you watch ahead of your significant other.

Netflix / Via media.giphy.com
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18. Speaking of significant others, at the end of a relationship you only have one question: “Are you planning on changing your Netflix password?”

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19. Ending a show on Netflix physically hurts your heart.

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20. And if a show gets taken off Netflix all together you take it personally.

Netflix / Via media.giphy.com
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21. But you don’t worry because you know that while Netflix is 90% horrible…

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You’ll always be able to find something to watch!

Netflix / Via geekygirl.minus.com
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