18 Style Lessons From The Least Boring People At The Inaugural Balls

So, it wasn’t just all stuffy old people wearing fashion-backwards formal attire. Here are some of the rules that were broken by the most adventurous attendees.

1. Necklines needn’t be conservative.

ID: 825341

2. Show off your tattoos.

She obviously took a page from Lena Dunham’s book.

ID: 825354

3. Don’t just opt for a fancy updo or a curled-under bob.

Instead, this lady chose a hairstyle straight off a 1988 Betsey Johnson runway show.

ID: 825352

4. Push the boundaries of what formal attire actually means.

Hot pink fringe that starts at the waist? It certainly counts as floor-length.

ID: 825340

5. Instead of a hair clip, wear a tiny hat.

Newsflash: people above the age of 30 buy crafts from Etsy (where there are currently 331 tiny handmade hats for sale).

ID: 825342

6. Don’t just go for beads and sequins.

Indiscernible gown embellishments can work, too. Are these bows? Rosettes? Why are they fuzzy?

ID: 825344

7. Instead of pumps, stay comfortable in your everyday sassy footwear.

ID: 825346

8. Wear every kind of color and texture imaginable.

Melissa Joan Hart wouldn’t have even had the balls to wear this cardigan during her Clarissa days.

ID: 825351

9. Pretend you’re at a pageant.

ID: 825360

10. You CAN wear out-there eyeliner with bold lipstick.

To everyone who says that you can only wear one or the other — you are WRONG.

ID: 825358

11. Don a suit of armor.

You never know when those Xena Warrior Princess powers are going to come in handy.

ID: 825361

12. Add a fuzzy boa.

ID: 825362

13. Pile on the necklaces.

Neck parties are the new arm parties.

ID: 825363

14. Pile on the butt ruffles.

Butt parties are the new neck parties.

ID: 825371

15. Wear three shades of red.

Who said redheads can’t wear red??

ID: 825379

16. Don’t just give little French-style pecks on the cheek when greeting someone.


ID: 825376

17. Deck out your shoulder with architectural cutouts.

ID: 825828

18. Maximalism is the new minimalism.

Photographs by Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

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