Why Rosie (Of Sophia Grace Rap Fame) Is The Best Hype-Woman Ever

Sophia Grace and Rosie — the two little girls who became a youtube sensation for a Nicki Minaj performance — were back on “Ellen” today, singing and dancing in their familiar ballerina outfits. I love them both, but Rosie really blew me away this time.

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And here are eight reasons Rosie is the best “hype-woman” in existence via a .gif story:

ID: 257209

1. She has swag

ID: 257213

2. But is also girly

ID: 257217

3. Displays real emotion

ID: 257222

4. And knows it’s all about the audience

ID: 257229

5. Really gets the lyrics

hands up, and touch the skyyyyyy

ID: 257247

6. And shrugs off haters

“So what?”

ID: 257252

7. Knows she has great hair

ID: 257254

8. And of course, has really awesome dance moves

ID: 257257

(you dance awesomely too sophia grace)

ID: 257484

No need for words Rosie, just keep moving, you’ll go far!

ID: 257488

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