Why Rosie (Of Sophia Grace Rap Fame) Is The Best Hype-Woman Ever

Sophia Grace and Rosie — the two little girls who became a youtube sensation for a Nicki Minaj performance — were back on “Ellen” today, singing and dancing in their familiar ballerina outfits. I love them both, but Rosie really blew me away this time.

And here are eight reasons Rosie is the best “hype-woman” in existence via a .gif story:

1. She has swag

2. But is also girly

3. Displays real emotion

4. And knows it’s all about the audience

5. Really gets the lyrics

hands up, and touch the skyyyyyy

6. And shrugs off haters

“So what?”

7. Knows she has great hair

8. And of course, has really awesome dance moves

(you dance awesomely too sophia grace)

No need for words Rosie, just keep moving, you’ll go far!

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