Why Harry Styles’ Hair Is Perfect The Way It Is

He does NOT need a haircut people.

1. Hi everyone, this is Harry Styles and this is also his floppy, messy, adorable and PERFECT hair.


2. The hair that sometimes gets a little big, it’s true.

4. Because look how important it is to everyone’s lives.


All these people are really only there to witness Harry’s hair in person.

5. Look at it shake.

7. Look how it gets sweaty and then Harry has to run his hands through it.


8. Could you imagine a world where Harry doesn’t run his fingers through his hair like this?????

9. No, you can’t, because that would be a dark, cold and cruel world.

10. This is the hair we want and NEED.

Fameflynet Pictures

11. Harry’s hair is so perfect long, he can recreate famous movie scenes.

13. If he gets his hair cut, what will happen to the beautiful little ponytail that he’s started to sport??


14. No. It can’t go. It fills people’s hearts with too much warmth and love.


15. Plus, his locks are so versatile. Look at how great his forehead looks when he pushes his hair back with a headband.


16. It’s so voluminous and hearty.

17. His styling is really spectacular.

18. And when he wears this big scarf around his head all the little hairs pop out and fly around like happy butterflies.

Fameflynet Pictures

19. AND BUTTERFLIES ARE GREAT. You don’t want to trap the butterflies!

Grupo13/LatinContent / Getty Images

20. Also it literally looks perfect under a hat.

Noel Vasquez/GC Images

21. Such lovely under-hat locks these are.


22. Nobody should want to take this crazy, stupid, perfect head of hair away from anyone.


23. So Harry, don’t stop growing your wonderful, sloppy strands.




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