This Is What Phil Of The Future Is Up To Now

SPOILER ALERT: He’s still really hot.

1. Remember Phil (Of Phil OfThe Future) AKA Ricky Ullman, one of many Disney channel hotties?

ID: 1741286

2. Well his real name is Raviv Ullman.

ID: 1741294

3. And this is him now.

ID: 1741185

4. He’s 27 (!!!)

ID: 1741186

5. And he’s handsome (and Israeli which is hot)

ID: 1741187

6. Here he is spinning around and just looking great:

ID: 1741042

7. Also, he’s very active on Vine, and is best friends with the boy from 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter.

ID: 1741102

8. He did a whole story on vine about his stuffed bear friend coming to visit.

ID: 1741108

9. But obviously the most important parts are every frame that he is in.

ID: 1741109
ID: 1741113
ID: 1741117
ID: 1741157

13. HE also makes vines of Gumby hugging things:

ID: 1741170
ID: 1741183
ID: 1741255

16. Also he plays instruments like guitar:

ID: 1741377

17. And drums:

ID: 1741394

18. And he has a podcast.

ID: 1741396

19. Also he loves his dog and looks perfect cuddling up to his pup.

ID: 1741190

20. Phil (Of The Future) forever <3 <3 <3

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
ID: 1741514

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