The First Annual Olympic Games Were Tremendously Fun

241 Athletes from 14 different countries gathered in Athens, Greece to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1500 years! Here are some photos from the spectacular event.

Carl Schuhmann (GER) and Giorgios Tsitas

ID: 599167

Alfred Flatow from Germany.

ID: 599210

Louis Spiridon of Greece receives his gold medal at the medal ceremony for winning the Marathon.

ID: 599211

Start of a bike race.

ID: 599212

Hermann Weingartner on the horizontal bar.

ID: 599213

Athlete from greece.

ID: 599214

American delegates with the flag.

ID: 599215

Aristidis Konstantinids from Greece.

ID: 599217

French fencing team.

ID: 599219

Track and field event.

ID: 599220

German athletes.

ID: 599221

Thomas Burke from America is 2nd from the left in the 100m.

ID: 599222


ID: 599223

Fencing match.

ID: 599226

A biker.

ID: 599227

Gymnast on the pommel horse.

ID: 599228

The American delegation on the train.

ID: 599229

Olympic stadium.

ID: 599230

A Shot Putter.

ID: 599231

Track and Field team.

ID: 599232

Entrance of the Pan-Athenian stadium.

ID: 599234

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