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The 29 Best Parts Of One Direction On "Saturday Night Live"

They should be on every show every night at all times.

1. Zayn’s turtleneck:

2. Harry’s glittery shoes:


3. Louis’ ankles throughout the whole show:


4. When they were singing Story Of My Life and 3/5 of them had their hands to their chest:

5. When Louis looked like this:

6. And stroked his microphone:

7. This face that Harry made:

8. When Niall found the beat and pumped his fist:

9. When Zayn was looking at someone then started giggling:

10. When Louis adorably forgot the words to Afternoon Delight so he was just smiling while the others sang, then he remembered them again:

11. And when they were singing Afternoon Delight and the “oooh” part came and Niall looked like this:

12. And Louis made this face:

13. And Harry made this face:

14. When Harry poked Paul Rudd and smiled:

15. When Zayn and Louis had a personal conversation on stage:

16. When Niall was being sexy and blew a kiss:

17. And played with his jacket:

18. When Harry did this heart-thumping thing and it was perfect.

19. And then he blew us all a kiss SKLJGndlkfjsnhskjhgslkdgh.

20. And the whole time Liam was like “Ohhh what do I do?” and then he saluted us.

21. When they were performing Story Of My Life and Louis looked up at the sky:

22. And the boys did their volleyball rotation and kept spinning in circles:

23. And Niall did this with his tongue:

24. And Harry sang like this:

25. And at the end of the song Louis went to pet Niall:

26. When Harry and Louis mirrored each other’s moves during the Through The Dark performance:


27. And Harry was just singing with his hair like this:

28. When Louis bobbed his head and smiled like this:


29. And finally, Jay Pharaoh’s face throughout the 1D concert line sketch:

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