Step By Step Guide For Surviving A Robot Uprising

The gang over at Epipheo interviewed Daniel H. Wilson — author of “Robopocalypse: A Novel”— to find out exactly how to survive a robot uprising and then made this awesome animated video to go along with it. In case you learn better via lists, we’ve got that for you too.

ID: 281456

First, know what a robot is. Robots come in all shapes and sizes. Like:

ID: 281521

1. Some cars

ID: 281499

2. Some pets and toys

ID: 281501

3. Humanoid robots

ID: 281498

Next, know when your robot might be uprising. Beware of signs like this:

ID: 281523

4. Watch out for glowing red eyes

ID: 281497

5. And spinning saws meant to cut off your leg

ID: 281496

Understand how to fight back:

ID: 281527

6. DO NOT PUNCH. Robots are usually made of metal or steel, you will lose.

ID: 281495

7. Instead use a machine gun

ID: 281494

8. And aim it at its sensors. Remember the sensors.

ID: 281500

What if you just want to get away because you are too scared to fight? There are options:

ID: 281529

9. Hide under a car

ID: 281493

10. Hide in water! The robot can’t go in water, duh!

ID: 281488

11. Run in random patterns

ID: 281492

12. See, it won’t understand your random running

ID: 281491

But what if the robot is HUGE? Try these tactics:

ID: 281532


ID: 281485

14. Aim your bazooka gun at it’s leg to imobilize it

ID: 281483

Just remember this:

ID: 281534
ID: 281484

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