Someone Tweeted A Picture Of What Might Be Bow Wow In Bed With A Guy, Then His Account Was Hacked

Did Bow Wow Really Get Hacked? Is that actually him in the photo? So many questions! This is what we know.

1. Someone on twitter posted this photo of Bow Wow (maybe) and another guy in bed together:

2. Then, from Bow Wow’s account, this was tweeted, about the guy who posted the photo:

3. And this, which has since been deleted:

Then someone claiming to be a rapper from Indiana started tweeting from Bow Wow’s account, and went on a really long rant about his album and wanting more followers:

21. The original poster of the picture tweeted this after the entire incident:

Seems that he thinks it was damage control and Bow Wow was just trying to cover up being exposed by pretending he was hacked. I guess only time will tell.

David Becker / Getty Images

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