Someone Tweeted A Picture Of What Might Be Bow Wow In Bed With A Guy, Then His Account Was Hacked

Did Bow Wow Really Get Hacked? Is that actually him in the photo? So many questions! This is what we know. posted on

1. Someone on twitter posted this photo of Bow Wow (maybe) and another guy in bed together:

2. Then, from Bow Wow’s account, this was tweeted, about the guy who posted the photo:

3. And this, which has since been deleted:

Then someone claiming to be a rapper from Indiana started tweeting from Bow Wow’s account, and went on a really long rant about his album and wanting more followers:

Nigga we on I got all bow wow bitches. If ya boy want his page bk tellem I need 10k asap

Nigga i got Bow twitter on smash follow me... Im the haaacker this nigga got BITCHES in his DM's. Bow u want pg back i want 10k

all you lil fans that's mad so be it. I want followers. Pick up my new mixtape "the street code vol1 nigga got 2 mill followers ima promote

Yoooo dis nigga got every bad bitch in da game hittn em. Shit not fair son! At all. Readn his dms

Laughn all his fans calln me all kinds of names. That's childish. Download my mixtape street code vol 1 look me up on datpiff.

People hate too much for me just dissing my mixtape. I'm 19 trying my hardest. I will tweet until I'm heard.

People hate too much for me just dissing my mixtape. I'm 19 trying my hardest. I will tweet until I'm heard.

Still here go download my music. Ima 19 year old rapper from indiana who is just trying to be heard by millions. Download my mixtape

You fans of bow wow are mean. I tweet my music and instead of helping me you all diss my mixtape. The name calling is just come on

Some one said my mixtape street code vol 1 on datpiff is trash. Okay instead of saying that to hurt my pride why not help. I'm 19 trying

Now I'm upset. Why yall throwing my real name around for me to just get caught? Like wow people really don't want a new rapper to get on?

Well you can hate me all you want. YOU PEOPLE are mad becuase I'm going to make it big. You people are childish. Go get my mixtape vol 1

People are either hating on me or just taking me for a joke. I want 10k and a follow bowwow please. This is my dream. I'll be back in the am

Man I'm getting dms from universal. Look I'm sorry bowwow man ima fan I know you can read your timeline I just want to be heard can you help

All I want from bow wow is 10k and a follow and ill stop this. I just want to be heard. If I had the money It wouldn't have to be like this

How bout all you shut ur mouths and let me bowwow handle this. I'm not a hater at all ima huge fan. Its just my turn to be heard to. Sign me

21. The original poster of the picture tweeted this after the entire incident:

Seems that he thinks it was damage control and Bow Wow was just trying to cover up being exposed by pretending he was hacked. I guess only time will tell.

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