Sacha Baron Cohen Pranked An Entire Room Of Award Show Goers By Killing An Old Lady

Spoiler alert: the woman doesn’t actually die.

1. Here’s the prank in its entire glory:

ID: 1947595

2. And here it is if you don’t feel like watching a really exceptional 3 minute clip:

ID: 1947871

3. First the innocent old lady who is supposedly the oldest living person to ever work with Charlie Chaplin, gifts Sacha with this cane:

ID: 1947812

4. So he starts dancing with the cane:

ID: 1947756

5. And dancing some more…

ID: 1947758

6. And goes to lean on it à la Chaplin, but then it breaks and he pushes the lady off the stage:

ID: 1947757

7. And she comes crashing down:

ID: 1947754

8. And everyone is horrified, sure that they just witnessed the death of an old lady:

ID: 1947751

9. Except for Isla Fisher, Sacha’s wife, who seems to be fully enjoying everyone’s reactions:

ID: 1947750

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