Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Got Married

They wed near Charleston, South Carolina, and Florence Welch performed at their wedding. I wasn’t even given the chance to speak now or forever hold my peace!!!

From People:

The reception took place in a white tent at the plantation on Sunday evening. Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine), a good friend of the Gossip Girl star, performed three songs live, and there was also a deejay who spun tunes. PEOPLE also confirmed that a cake was being driven down from Virginia for the event.

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More details about the wedding comes from FITS :

According to our sources, Reynolds and Lively were wed in an intimate ceremony at Boone Hall’s “Cotton Dock” – which was decked out Hamptons-style (complete with custom chaise lounges). The ceremony is said to have included a local children’s choir singing Franki Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” as well as a solo from Bette Midler. Lively’s friend Florence Welch is also said to have performed.

The sit down dinner (for an estimated sixty guests) was reportedly catered by Mike Lata of FIG restaurant – an award winning dining establishment in downtown Charleston.

The Cotton Dock.

(Not Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s wedding)

A Twitter user from Charleston was there to witness what would turn out to be their wedding:

@mrbrodybrown Blake and Ryan were in town. Both went to a big white tented event. Florence Welch was there and performed three songs.

— josedaily (@&)

@mrbrodybrown Blake's mother and sister were also in town.

— josedaily (@&)

Oh and if you see this photo, it’s not real. It’s an altered version of the one below it.

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