Prince Eric Was The Best Disney Prince And It’s OK To Be Attracted To Him

Cartoons are people too.

1. Prince Eric is clearly the hottest and best prince.

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2. Besides being musically talented…

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3. He also LOVES dogs, which is an important and lovable characteristic.

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4. Just look at the way his mouth crawls up when he’s happy. *swoons*

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5. And he’s obviously very strong. He would be able to lift you with ease.

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6. He has perfectly white and straight teeth and definitely brushes at least twice a day.

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7. His hands and face are clearly baby soft, which explains why a stranger would be rubbing his cheek, and he probably puts lotion on every day to maintain his perfect skin.

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8. Also his eyebrows are thick and lustrous and beautifully shaped.

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9. And they are the perfect canopies for eyyyyyyyyyy — OH SORRY GOT LOST IN HIS EYES. What was I saying?

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10. Oh yes, I was talking about his flawless face. With a jawline chiseled from marble…

ID: 1656347

11. And hair perfectly coiffed and fluffy and shaggy.

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13. Also he has beautiful calf muscles, which means he probably puts in work at the gym.

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14. And his biceps are like those of Zeus.

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15. But besides being a bona fide hottie, he’s also a romantic.

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16. And he’s timid, but not ANNOYINGLY timid.

ID: 1657210

17. He’ll woo you and not even care about all the frogs on his paddle.

ID: 1657209

18. Even when he looks hungover he’s still adorable.

ID: 1656497

19. And have you ever seen a man wear a collar like that as well as he does?

ID: 1656494

20. Or look this flawless in a V-neck?

ID: 1657296

21. Or a DEEP V?

ID: 1657217

22. Answer: No. NO ONE else will ever look that good in a deep V.

ID: 1657305

23. In conclusion Prince Eric is literally the best prince.

ID: 1657355

24. And it’s natural to feel things for him.

ID: 1657350

25. The End.

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