Nicole Richie Is Actually The Voice Of Our Generation

She’s so honest. So real.

1. Fact: Nicole Richie used to be on The Simple Life, and she was the best part of that show. She continues to be a source of real, honest words and inspiration. She IS the voice of our generation.

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2. First of all, she is able to put haters in their place with simple replies like this and the strategic use of emojis.

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3. She gets what it’s like to be be eternally tired and is able to use her fame to make people aware of this struggle.

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4. And she brings attention to other struggles that need awareness as well.

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5. She says what other people are too scared to admit.

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6. And sometimes those things are controversial, but they need to be said.

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7. Because she’s a trendsetter in so many ways.

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8. And she perseveres through tough times, even when it seems hopeless.

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9. Because she always knows exactly what to say.

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11. And how to make a good impression.

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12. Because she knows what you have to do to make it in this world.

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13. Because she’s honest with her friends.

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14. And with herself.

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16. Because she is a pro at open communication.

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17. And will fight for it.

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18. Because she can see the potential in anyone.

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19. And knows how to make someone shine to their fullest ability.

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21. And she knows what to ask for to make dreams come true.

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22. Because she can take time to reflect on her life and her mistakes.

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23. Because she’s so in tune with the kid in her.



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24. Like, she is the literal physical manifestation of the way we grocery shop on our dreams.

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25. And just because she knows everything, OK?

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