Let’s Take A Minute To Appreciate Our Dogs

This is why they are man’s best friend.

1. From the day you are born, dogs are there for you.

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2. They’ll lend you a hand when you need it.

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3. They are your buddies through the fun times…

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4. And will stay with you through the rough times.

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5. They will save you from snakes.

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6. And help you out of a ditch.

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7. They’ll pull you to to safety.

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8. And they’ll be your eyes when you can’t see.

Dorado led his blind owner to safety from the 71st story of the North Tower on 9/11.

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Now these guys are learning to help do the same thing!

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10. They’ll make you feel better.

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11. And they’ll be really happy to see you if you’ve been gone a while.

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14. And after everything, they’ll be loyal to you.

Lady the dog and her owner 81-year-old Nicholas went missing one day and a week later they were found. Nicholas had died of heart failure, but Lady had stayed by his side until they were found.

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Navy seal Jon Tumilson died in Afghanastan. At the memorial service for him his Labrador retriever, Hawkeye, layed next to him the entire time.

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This dog was the sole surviving member of a Japanese family. The dog still does not leave the gravesite of his owner, neighbors bring him food and water.

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Every day at six o’clock this dog goes by himself to the grave of his owner and stays there all night. He’s been doing it since his death, 6 years ago.

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18. So go home and kiss your dog

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19. Or give it a hug.

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20. Cause this little guy is your best friend for life.

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22. Oh, and did I mention puppies?

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