How To Cope If Your Candidate Lost The Election

Cheer up, it’s only the president.

After Months and Months of This

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Your candidates lost.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

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So now you are like this.

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To help you cope, here’s a picture of a baby giraffe.

Splash News

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And a baby otter being bottle-fed.

ID: 678760

Here’s a baby koala on a computer…


ID: 678756

Some piggies swimming…

ID: 678764

A doggy all ready for rain…

ID: 678865

And this puppy that’s had enough of a door spring.

ID: 678779

Feeling better now?

ID: 678794

But let’s take a break to look at Nic Cage as a cat.

ID: 678990

OK, back to cute animals. WHOOPS, looks like we walked in on something.

ID: 679001

Seriously, though, look at these burrito kittens.

ID: 679014

And this disguised dog. Bet you can’t find him.

ID: 679017

Now look at this very, very fluffy bunny.

ID: 679019

And this polar bear waving hello to you.

ID: 679020


ID: 679027

OK, you are doing great!

ID: 679064

But to be sure, let’s take a look at this kitty, Shishi Maru.

ID: 679077

This tiger cub saying hi…

ID: 679079

And this baby gorilla napping on his mommy’s back.

ID: 679097

Now look at these baby lions drinking from bottles.


ID: 679132

And these adorable hedgehog triplets.

ID: 679134

That’s it, things are really looking up!

ID: 679197

Now here’s a cat giving a high-five.

ID: 679207

A penguin going to a very important meeting.

ID: 679208

And two seals kissing.

ID: 679219

Now this is you:

ID: 679224

Or maybe this…

ID: 679225

Definitely this.

ID: 679229

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