16 Fears We All Face, As Told By Plankton

Life is SO SCARY.

1. That you’ll be alone forever and live in a dark world of you, yourself, and a jar of peanut butter.

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2. That maybe your computer is your only true friend.

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3. That success is something for other people, not for you. And you’ll just live life as a piece of celery, bland and green.

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4. That you’ll never be good enough for someone.

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5. That you’ll have something good and important to say but no one will listen or care.

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6. That your butt is too big.

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7. That one day you’ll probably let someone down and it will suck.

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8. That you’ll take the wrong advice and your personal life timeline will be altered and like the domino effect everything thereafter will be completely screwed up.

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9. That the world is just rolling over your limp, lifeless body and you have no control over its direction.

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10. That you will never be able to solve your problems so you’ll never really be the BEST YOU CAN BE.

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11. That you’ll be judged for eating alone. At a restaurant. Sixty-seven days in a row.

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12. That you’ll be left behind somewhere and no one will realize and then you’ll be found 70 years later by a kid named Will who moved into a house that’s on a plot that was built after your death, and he’ll be scarred for life and it will be all your fault.

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13. That someone will throw a toaster into the bathtub WHILE YOU ARE IN IT.

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14. That at the most inconvenient of times you just won’t be able to hold it in anymore.

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15. That one day your friend or significant other will just stop liking you.

ID: 1817190

16. That you’ll never get the Krabby Patty recipe and your life will have been worth nothing.

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