Chris Pratt Gives His Famous Friends Their Own Superhero Names

The Star-Lord himself decides the fate of these superhero celebrities.

In an interview with Chris Pratt at BuzzFeed Brews with CBS This Morning, he played a little game in which he gave his famous friends superhero names and super powers. Since he himself is Star-Lord in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy, we figured there was no one better to dub these celebrities with their official alter egos and abilities.

ID: 3500349

First up was Chris’ very own wife, Anna Farris:

ID: 3500301

(sealed with a kiss, of course)

ID: 3503463

Rashida Jones:

ID: 3500311

David Batista:

ID: 3503478

Aziz Ansari:

ID: 3500307

Brad Pitt:

ID: 3500317

John C. Reilly:

ID: 3503544

Vin Diesel:

ID: 3503547

Aubrey Plaza:

ID: 3503556

Zoe Saldana:

ID: 3503635

Will Ferrell:

ID: 3503655
ID: 3503646

Bradley Cooper:

ID: 3503669
ID: 3503662

And Amy Poehler:

ID: 3500322
ID: 3500326

Watch Chris expertly give superhero names to more famous friends below and check out the complete BuzzFeed Brews with CBS This Morning interview with Chris Pratt here:

ID: 3500372

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