17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Holy Drake abs!

1. Drake showed off his new abs:

ID: 2021535

2. Hilary Duff had a private jet to herself, and her son:

ID: 2021534

3. Sarah Jessica Parker saw this Elmo loofah:

ID: 2021536

4. Oprah hung out with One Direction:

ID: 2021538

5. 50 cent took a selfy:

ID: 2021540

6. Jessica Alba ate a hotdog:

ID: 2021542

7. Kesha hung out with Mick Jagger:

ID: 2021543

8. Miley showed off her new eyebrows:

ID: 2021544

9. Rihanna got bangs:

ID: 2021545

10. James Franco gave the thumbs up:

ID: 2021656

11. Kim Kardashian held onto her daughter:

ID: 2021724

12. Mindy Kaling made pillow love to Anderson Cooper:

ID: 2021725

13. Neil Patrick Harris took his kids to the movie:

ID: 2021727

14. Demi Lovato was reunited with Minnie:

ID: 2021728

15. Beyonce showed off her eyeball:

ID: 2021733

16. Ben Savage was back in class:

ID: 2021734

17. And Justin Bieber made sure to show off his toned bod:

ID: 2021546

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