Amy Poehler And Michelle Obama Are A Wonderful Duo

They got together to promote Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative in Miami, Florida, and proved to be quite a dynamic duo.

1. First of all, Amy introduced the first lady by saying funny jokes:

ID: 2520720

2. And Michelle loved the jokes, because it’s Amy and why wouldn’t she.

ID: 2520776

3. Amy then stepped off her little box, and sat there adorably…

ID: 2520727

5. And that was right before Michelle asked Amy to cook her dinner:

ID: 2520943

6. Then they played mini golf (to get fit, duh):

Larry Marano / WireImage
ID: 2520749

7. And Amy did this with the kids:

Larry Marano / WireImage
ID: 2520751

8. Clearly Amy and the first lady are now best friends…

ID: 2521008

9. And she’s already BFF with the Vice President…

ID: 2521004

10. So it’s only natural that this should come next:

ID: 2520941

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