Aaron Paul Was The King Of 2013, Bitch!

He won the internet/our hearts this year.

First of all, this year he showed us his roots, and we were #blessed with this baby picture of him:

Instagram: @glassofwhiskey

ID: 2202144

And while we are talking about babies, this is how he acted while holding one in his hometown:

ID: 2202625

Not only did he appreciate the majestic pizza delivery guy once…

Instagram: @glassofwhiskey

ID: 2202145

But he was grateful for them twice.

Instagram: @glassofwhiskey

ID: 2202146

He selflessly gave a stranger his gatorade because they asked:


ID: 2201935

And he sent the entire Breaking Bad crew whiskey because he’s just THAT nice of a guy:

reddit.com / Via Twitter: @DavePorterMusic

ID: 2201939

He redefined the Starbucks Drake hands meme by creating this beautiful video:

Btw, this is the meme. aaronmichaelpaul.tumblr.com / Via buzzfeed.com

ID: 2202058

And when tourists showed up at his house in a van, he went to say hi and then GOT IN THE CAR like a total cool dude.

ID: 2203160

He gave a restaurant waiter the best napkin note to ever exist…


ID: 2201872

And took time out of his busy schedule to get down on his hands and knees and scrub Bryan Cranston’s Star on the walk of fame:

Twitter: @aaronpaul_8

ID: 2202128

He made it shine.


ID: 2201937

He did whatever he could to make people happy…


ID: 2202095

And he made a lot of people very, very happy.


ID: 2203022

He was also the only person to look so mysterious and intriguing while smelling a candle:

Fameflynet Pictures

ID: 2202979

And he made out with a Walter White mask, so there’s that.

ID: 2203173

He grew a big, beautiful beard this year…

ID: 2203381

And then went to Disneyland with that big beautiful beard:

Getty Images / Handout

ID: 2203061

He took advantage of every celebrity photo op…

Instagram: @glassofwhiskey

ID: 2202142

Including creating photobomb masterpieces such as this one:

ID: 2203063

He literally helped a man propose to his girlfriend:

youtube.com / Via buzzfeed.com

ID: 2203216

And he drank a coke the way we only DREAM of drinking coke:


ID: 2203540

He was just as confused and mesmerized by David Blaine as all of us regular folk:

guyism.com / Via youtube.com

ID: 2203426

And his wedding day selfie will go down in selfie history:

Twitter: @aaronpaul_8

ID: 2203517

He got nostalgic on us, and it tugged right on our heart strings.

ID: 2203498


ID: 2203504

And his reaction to his own Emmy nomination was perfect…


ID: 2202224

He was basically perfect in every way this year.

Getty Images / Mark Davis

ID: 2203684

So, here’s to Aaron Paul in 2014, YO!


ID: 2203607

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