15 Things You Should Be Thanking Your Dad For

Thanks for teaching us how to do things the right way, Dad!

Hug your dad for teaching you how…

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1. To fish like this…

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…so that you don’t think this will work

ID: 366483

2. To ride a bike like this…

ID: 366088

…so that you don’t get caught like this

ID: 366493

3. To use a hammer like this…

ID: 366141

…so that in turn, you can teach your cat

ID: 366618

4. To drive like this…

ID: 366161

…so that you don’t do this

ID: 366468

5. To defend ourselves like this…

ID: 366203

…so that your face isn’t like this

ID: 366463

6. To change a tire like this

ID: 366082

7. And oil like this

ID: 366285

8. And lots of other car stuff…

ID: 366270

…so that you don’t end up driving this

ID: 366457

9. To golf like this…

ID: 366333

…so that you don’t play like this

ID: 366591

10. To grill like this…

ID: 366170

…so you don’t do it like this

ID: 366447

11. To tie your shoes like this…

ID: 366211

…so that you don’t have to wear these

ID: 366537

12. To play catch like this…

ID: 366196

…so you don’t get hit in the face like this

ID: 366440

13. To shave like this…

ID: 366181

…so that you don’t turn out like this

ID: 366415

14. To tie a tie like this…

ID: 366206

…so that you don’t have to wear this

ID: 366544

15. To chop wood like this…

ID: 366356

…so that you DO end up like this

ID: 366422

Happy Fathers day dads!

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