13 Babies Who Could Play Abraham Lincoln

You know what’s better than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: With Babies.

1. Baby Lincoln that knows he is going to wear an awesome top hat one day

ID: 371134

2. Baby Lincoln that is in deep thought about his forefathers

ID: 371137

3. Baby Lincoln that wants to end slavery

ID: 371144

4. Baby Lincoln that doesn’t know where America ends and Mexico begins

ID: 371143

5. Baby Lincoln that loves turtles!

ID: 371147

6. Baby Lincoln that just decided he’ll be president one day

ID: 371158

7. Baby Lincoln: serious toddler

ID: 371160

8. Baby lincoln that doesn’t know what is going on

ID: 371227

9. Baby Lincoln that went digging through the trash

ID: 371221

10. Baby Lincoln that tried to dye his own hair

ID: 371228

11. Baby Lincoln that knows what is coming on April 14, 1865

ID: 371347

12. Baby Lincoln that just shaved and is trying something new

ID: 371318

13. Baby Lincoln that ate one too many rolos

ID: 371250

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