Yoga On Instagram Vs. Yoga In Reality

It’s harder than it looks.

1. Yoga in the park on Instagram.

2. Yoga in the park in reality.

3. Downward facing dog on Instagram.

4. Downward facing dog in reality.

5. Yoga instructors on Instagram.

6. Yoga instructors in reality.

7. Crow pose on Instagram.

8. Crow pose in reality.

9. Warrior pose on Instagram.

11. Triangle pose on Instagram.

12. Triangle pose in reality.


13. Couple’s yoga on Instagram.

14. Couple’s yoga in reality.

15. Upward facing dog on Instagram.

16. Upward facing dog in reality.

17. Ashtanga yoga on Instagram.

18. Ashtanga yoga in real life.

19. Extended hand to big toe pose on Instagram.

20. Extended hand to big toe pose in reality.

21. Beach yoga on Instagram.

22. Beach yoga in reality.

23. Yoga outdoors on Instagram.

24. Yoga outdoors in reality.

25. Back bends on Instagram.

26. Back bends in reality.

27. Inversions on Instagram.

28. Inversions in reality.

29. Headstands on Instagram.

30. Headstands in reality.

31. Yoga by the sea on Instagram.

32. Yoga by the sea in reality.


33. Flexibility on Instagram.

34. Flexibility in real life.

35. Yoga at home on Instagram.

36. Yoga at home in reality.

37. Tree pose on Instagram.

38. Tree pose in reality.

39. What yoga is good for on Instagram.

40. What yoga is good for in reality.

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