The 21 Types Of Hipster You Encounter In London

A spotter’s guide.

1. The ones who clearly have no medical need for those glasses.

ID: 1100307

2. The ones riding absurd bikes.

ID: 1100259

Which they leave parked outside the Apple store.

ID: 1100281

3. The ones whose fashion icon appears to be Batman.

ID: 1100288

4. The ones who insist on sitting on the pavement.

ID: 1100385

No one knows why hipsters do this. It’s one of life’s mysteries.

ID: 1100315

They’re just weirdly drawn to pavements.

ID: 1100305

5. The ones who drink cocktails out of jam jars.

ID: 1100308

Seriously, what is wrong with just using a regular glass?

ID: 1100329

6. The ones with an overly ostentatious love of vinyl.

ID: 1100257

7. The ones who wear leopard-print skinny jeans.

ID: 1100310

8. And braces.

ID: 1100334

9. And fluoro jumpsuits.

ID: 1100377

10. The DJs who don’t care if anyone’s dancing. They’re here to “educate” the crowd, not entertain them.

ID: 1100330

11. The foodies who think this is an acceptable lunch option.

ID: 1100332

12. The ones who are very keen for you to notice their animal tattoos.

ID: 1100335

13. The ones who embrace Movember, supposedly “for charity”, but really because they just love themselves with a ‘tache.

ID: 1100387

And they secretly think women find it attractive.

ID: 1100336

14. The ones who insist on taking photos of everything.

ID: 1100338

Especially their food.

ID: 1100439

They’ll even take photos of people taking photos of them.

ID: 1100400

15. The ones who create rubbish street art.

ID: 1100340

Which always conveys a really heavy-handed anti-capitalist message.

ID: 1100346

16. The ones with hard-hitting statements on their T-shirts.

ID: 1100379

17. The ones who wear sunglasses indoors.

ID: 1100380

18. The goths who almost certainly never listen to goth music.

ID: 1100390

19. The couples who try just that bit too hard to project a sense of gritty urban reality.

ID: 1100391

20. The ones who carry animals as accessories.

ID: 1100394

21. And the ones with beards that scream ‘I am hipster. Hear me roar’.

ID: 1100397

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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