The Internet Versus George Osborne Crying

The Chancellor wept during Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Twitter responded. posted on

1. Here’s the original image.

George Osborne's tears will short his interal electrics if he's not careful.

I assume George Osborne's crying because he's just realised that he is George Osborne

This week on Game Of Thrones...The Funeral: "In Westminster Lord Osbourne weeps while Lady Cameron secretly smiles"" target="_blank">">

99.9% certain that George Osbourne is an alien in a human suit, much like "Edgar" on Men in Black #thatcherfuneral" target="_blank">">#thatcherfuneral" target="_blank">">

Does no-one else think that £10 million to see George Osborne cry is money well spent?

17. And here’s a quite spectacular reader comment from Mail Online.

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