The 39 Drunkest People In Britain

Turns out people in this country are quite fond of a drink. Who knew?

1. This woman.

ID: 1090305

2. This guy.

ID: 1087116

3. This student.

ID: 1090312

4. This festival-goer.

ID: 1086997

5. This football spectator, whose words of encouragement from the touchline are not helping.

ID: 1090265

6. This clubber who was slightly too eager to hit the dancefloor.

ID: 1090343

7. This chap, who has sunk a few afternoon pints and is now enjoying the great outdoors.

ID: 1087002

8. As is this one.

ID: 1090248

9. This man who hasn’t quite the hang of trousers.

ID: 1087296

10. This bloke who will almost certainly regret this tattoo in the morning.

ID: 1087035

11. This bloke casually pissing out the window of a moving bus.

ID: 1090347

12. This clubber who couldn’t find a chillout room so was forced to improvise.

ID: 1090334

13. This reveller who will feel even worse when he wakes up and discovers what his friends have done.

ID: 1090335

14. Same goes for this guy.

ID: 1087164

15. And this woman.

ID: 1090372

16. This woman who mistakenly believes the police will see the funny side.

ID: 1087072

17. This bozo on the tube.

ID: 1087305

18. And this one, who will never get home at this rate.

ID: 1087311

19. This geezer acting inappropriately in a fish and chip shop.

ID: 1087338

20. This young woman who’s enjoying a nice lie-down, complete with pillow.

ID: 1087355

21. This man who’s having trouble standing.

ID: 1087383

22. As is this one.

ID: 1090244

23. This chap attempting to disguise his drunkenness by leaning nonchalantly on a bollard.

ID: 1087396

24. These party-goers who will only discover the flaw in this photo in the morning, once they’ve sobered up.

ID: 1090175

25. This carouser who shouldn’t even be trying to navigate a pavement.

ID: 1090191

Let alone attempting to cross the street.

ID: 1090192

26. This merrymaker, who thinks diving headlong into a pile of rubble is a good idea.

ID: 1090206

27. These old-timers, who are clinging onto a window ledge to steady themselves.

ID: 1090238

28. This hammered Santa.

ID: 1087315

29. And this one, being sick into his Santa hat.

Photo by Damian Barr.

ID: 1090274

30. This kid who has unwisely picked a fight with a hand dryer.

ID: 1090263

31. This lady.

Photo by Maciej Dakewicz, via BBC.

ID: 1090276

32. These Cardiff residents who are taking home a souvenir of their night out.

Photo by Maciej Dakewicz, via BBC.

ID: 1090284

33. As are these fine folk.

ID: 1090342

34. This indie-rock fan, getting into the spirit of the NME Awards.

ID: 1090304

35. This booze-enthusiast who’s found a comfortable place to rest his head.

ID: 1090359

36. This lad who really shouldn’t have tried to vault over those railings.

ID: 1090364

37. This unhappy camper.

ID: 1090370

38. This chap whose night has not panned out quite the way he’d hoped.

ID: 1090374

39. And this drunkard whose walk home has become a nightmarish assault course.

ID: 1090154

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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