The Best Of The Queen Vs. “Game Of Thrones”

Windsor is coming.

1. The queen visited the Game of Thrones set today.

Via REX USA / Rex

2. Everyone was hoping she would sit on the Iron Throne, like this.

Via Matt Tucker / BuzzFeed

3. Or like this.

4. Or like this.

5. But she didn’t.

Sky News

6. Which was a bit of a letdown.

7. But people still managed to have fun with the whole episode.

Via Sky News / Tom Phillips / BuzzFeed

Queen filled in on Game of Thrones with its intrigue and plot twists and villains and wronged heroines and sorry that's the hacking trial.

— davidschneider (@David Schneider)

18. But ultimately we were all left disappointed.

The Queen stepped away from the Iron Throne and the entire newsroom booed hysterically

— jessicaelgot (@Jessica Elgot)

19. And Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, gave a look that summed up how we all felt.

20. Really not impressed.

21. Gutted.

Pfft. Harry would totally have sat on the throne.

— indiaknight (@India Knight)

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