The Best Of The Internet’s Response To Glastonbury 2013

British cynicism at its finest.

1. Not everyone got into the Glastonbury spirit.

The grumpiest reader comments ever, as seen on Mail Online.

3. Plenty of people made jokes about the Rolling Stones’ advanced years.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

11. Lots of people pointed out how cosy and middle class the festival has become.

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15. Especially compared with life north of the border.

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16. Plus, there were the inevitable hipster gags.

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17. While others took a more abstract approach.

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18. People were snippy about Example.

Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage / Getty Images

20. And Kate Moss.

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21. And Chase And Status.

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22. And especially Mumford And Sons.

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23. Poor old Mumford And Sons.

25. Wiley had a Twitter meltdown.

26. Which led to this.

28. In fact, people managed to find humour even in the most unpleasant aspects of Glastonbury.

29. And even though everyone watching it on telly was relentlessly cynical about the whole thing.

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30. It’s really because we secretly wish we’d been there.

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