The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To George Osborne Joining Twitter

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has started tweeting ahead of his Budget announcement. And everyone is determined to give him a warm welcome. posted on

1. This is Osborne’s first, and so far only, tweet

Today I'll present a Budget that tackles the economy's problems head on helping those who want to work hard & get on" target="_blank">">

2. Naturally, Twitter welcomed him with open arms

Image by Matt Cardy - WPA Pool / Getty Images


Image by Stefan Wermuth / Reuters


Image by Paul Hackett / Reuters


George Osborne you BRIEFCASE WANKER!! #budget" target="_blank">">#budget" target="_blank">">

7. There were some funny, non-sweary responses too

.@George_Osborne" target="_blank">">@George_Osborne to cut tweets to 135 characters by 2015 except for people with +200K followers. We don't want to drive them abroad #budget" target="_blank">">#budget

8. But even the non-sweary ones were still pretty vicious

Today George Osborne announces a massive cut, and says he's joining twitter. Sure there's an 'n' missing there somewhere.


Exclusive photos of George Osborne and advisers preparing for #Budget2013" target="_blank">">#Budget2013" target="_blank">">

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