The 26 Most Annoying Things About Working In An Office

As suggested by this study, and this thread on Facebook.

1. Noisy typers.

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2. Noisy eaters.

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3. Lift awkwardness.

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4. People who leave the kitchen looking like this.

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5. And allow their desks to become like this.

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6. Having to spend the first half of every Monday answering the exact same question.

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Would it be so wrong to just hand these out instead?

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7. Martyrs who insist on hauling themselves into work despite being infectiously ill.

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8. Endless birthday whip-rounds.

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9. And leaving dos.

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10. Both of which always involve debilitating amounts of cake.

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11. And then, once a year, it’s your turn — which means sitting there while people sing “Happy Birthday” to you. Because that’s not awkward at all.

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12. People who don’t get back to you.

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13. Though at least that’s preferable to receiving emails that make no sense whatsoever.

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14. Meetings that drag on forever and make you daydream about doing this.

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15. People who make unnecessary noise.

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16. People who bring their babies into work.

Nothing against babies. Babies are lovely. Just not in the workplace. It’s always a bit weird.

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17. Pranks.

ID: 1141459

18. Corporate jargon.

ID: 1134658

19. Stupid buzzwords.

ID: 1130962

20. Workmates who are clueless about technology.

ID: 1130963

21. Touchy-feely company slogans.

This isn’t fake, by the way. It’s taken from an actual ad agency website.

ID: 1130967

22. Colleagues who send emails, despite sitting right next to you.

ID: 1131463

23. Smug, annoyingly healthy people.

ID: 1131646

You know the type. They cycled to work this morning, do yoga at their desk, and will probably go for a run at lunch.

ID: 1131627

So while you’re hungover, dolefully chomping through one of these.

ID: 1131473

They’ve got a drawer full of these.

ID: 1131494

24. Colleagues who don’t pull their weight in key areas and therefore deserve to be shamed.

ID: 1134901

26. And coworkers who are permanently stressed.

ID: 1131765

Still, you’ve got to look on the bright side. Only another few hours to go, and then…

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