An Awful Lot Of People On Twitter Want Dana From "Homeland" To Die

Dana hate is getting a little out of hand. posted on

2. Since Season 3 of Homeland kicked off, we’ve all gotten used to reading opinions like this.

Morgan Saylor, who plays Dana, claims the venom doesn’t bother her. She told The Daily Beast:

Characters are not always supposed to be loved. You could look at most characters and see mixed reactions. I don’t know. I don’t take it personally. I don’t know completely if it’s a sexism thing.

5. But now internet hate for Dana seems to have kicked up a gear, taking on an unpleasantly violent tone.

If this story arc is leading to Dana becoming an Islamic suicide bomber, I hope it happens REALLY SOON #Homeland #KillDana

Homeland would be infinitely better if Dana hadn't failed at committing suicide.

The most disappointing thing about #Homeland is that Dana's suicide attempt was a failure.

Here's a plot suggestion: Dana, get yourself a suicide vest and find an abandoned parking lot. #Homeland #Homelandteenageangstplotblows

Anyone else wish that Dana would've succeeded in her suicide attempt, or is it just me? #Homeland

There's way too much Dana in these new Homeland episodes. Nobody cares, just die already.

Wait, an outpouring of hatred for a highly-strung female character? This all seems very familiar.

Brody crushed it tonight on Homeland! Oh no wait 40 minutes was his angsty annoying daughter. I hate Dana more than Skyler White.

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