31 Tips For Taking The Perfect Wedding Photo

Avoid disaster and embarrassment by following these simple rules.

1. Rule number one: No guns in shot.

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2. Can’t stress that one enough.

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3. No snakes or iguanas either.

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4. Ensure everyone is appropriately attired.

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5. Or puts a shirt on, at least.

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6. Make sure the groom remains calm.

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7. Do not, under any circumstances, get photobombed by an alpaca.

Photo by Caroline Tran.

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8. Or a horse.

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9. Or a beluga whale.

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10. Or a cat.

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11. Or a sloth.

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12. Or this couple.

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13. Or Death.

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14. If the groom wants to ride the bride like a horse, politely discourage him.

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15. If horses must be involved, choose your steed with care.

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16. And be wary of this sort of thing.

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17. The whole “miniature bride” effect is not ideal.

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18. In fact it’s slightly unsettling.

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19. And even when the tables are turned, it’s still not a good look.

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20. It’s great for the bride and groom to show affection, but there are limits.

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21. Marriage is a sacred occasion, so cultivate a sense of sober refinement at all times.

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22. Dignity. Always dignity.

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23. Use Photoshop sparingly.

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24. Because, really, you’re not fooling anyone.

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25. Make sure every member of the wedding party shows how deliriously happy they are.

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26. Scope the area out beforehand to avoid embarrassing mishaps like this.

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27. Or this.

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28. In fact, beaches generally are a bad idea.

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29. So choose your venue with care.

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30. This last point is worth reiterating.

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31. But most of all, it’s your special day, and you’ll be looking at these photos for the rest of your life - so remember to put on a happy face.

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