15 Unbearably Sad Doodles

Ben Cameron’s illustrations have been labelled “tragi-doodles” on account of their melancholy quality.

Ben Cameron’s cartoons make people cry. At least, that’s the feedback we’ve received whenever we’ve tweeted his work via @BuzzFeedUK. He tells me:

“I describe my work as simple yet emotive. My doodles started as a way to remain creative while working a soul-destroying job in retail. I would keep scraps of paper in my pocket and draw doodles to show colleagues. Rude, funny, cheeky, maybe even mildly offensive. Anything to get a reaction. It’s an instant gratification.

“Being able to make someone laugh, coo or cry from a few lines or words is amazingly addictive. Also, I use animals in place of humans, i feel it takes the edge off slightly and for some reason, slightly more relatable.”

Check our more of Ben’s work, and order prints, at Strange Paul.

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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