15 Reasons To Bloody Love Wales

There’s lovely.

1. The breakneck pace of local news.

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2. The powerful sense of civic pride.

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3. The sense of being somewhere properly rural.

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Even if that can occasionally cause problems.

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4. The public amenities.

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5. The impressively cavalier attitude towards the emergency services.

These “inappropriate” 999 calls were all logged by NHS Wales in 2012.

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6. The helpful bilingual signs you see everywhere.

Swansea council had emailed, asking for a Welsh translation. This is the response they got, so that’s what they put on the sign.

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The one on the left refers to “bladder inflamation”. The one on the right, confusingly, says “look left”.

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7. The language.

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Which can initially seem intimidating to outsiders.

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But is pretty straightforward once you get used to it.

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8. The place names.

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Which are rich in cultural significance, and not to be mocked under any circumstances.

Photo by Bavnet.

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9. The debonair sense of style exhibited by the inhabitants.

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10. As well as their talent for spinning yarns.

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Not to mention their love of animals.

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(Even if it can sometimes seem a little uninformed).

Poster spotted in Newport.

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11. The way Welsh people good-naturedly put up with that stereotype.

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12. The man candy.

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13. The florid and eloquent graffiti.

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14. The high-calibre celebrity gossip.

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15. And the endless attractions for tourists.

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