14 Rage-Inducing Photos Of People “Parking Like Twats”

The delightfully misanthropic Facebook group that shames crappy parkers.

1. Spotted: Parking Like A Twat encourages members to post photographic evidence of terrible parking.

ID: 1585076

2. Like this.

ID: 1585041

3. And this.

ID: 1585109

4. Range Rovers seem to figure quite heavily.

ID: 1585060

5. As do sports cars.

ID: 1585055

6. There are loads of sports cars.

ID: 1585057

7. See?

ID: 1584966

8. The police, it seems, are particularly guilty.

ID: 1584958

9. As are people who definitely ought to know better.

ID: 1584969

10. Though admittedly some of the examples seem a little harsh.

ID: 1585028

11. Each week, the most heinous example is singled out.

ID: 1584980

12. There’s even an e-commerce element. The page admin is selling these window/bumper stickers for £3 a pop.

ID: 1584989

13. The success of the page has inspired a number of regional variants.

ID: 1584935

14. But the sentiment behind each one is always exactly the same.

ID: 1584933

More at facebook.com/spottedparking. H/t Mail Online.

ID: 1585036

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