What Your College Dorm Posters Said About You

And you thought you were being so original.

1. You took an art history class.

ID: 1025427

2. You took two art history classes.

ID: 1025433

3. You took an art history class, or you were really into acid.

ID: 1025476

4. Yeah, definitely acid.

ID: 1025638

5. You were smart, but you weren’t afraid to have fun.

ID: 1025449

6. You were into good music, but also shirtless guys.

ID: 1025467

7. You were into good music, but also women’s butts.

ID: 1025444

8. You were totally pro-gay rights, or at least pro-hot girls making out.

ID: 1025435

9. You took a film studies class.

ID: 1025497

10. You thought about taking a film studies class.

ID: 1025585

11. You weren’t getting laid. But hey, maybe some day.

ID: 1025665

12. You wished you were classier.

ID: 1025460

13. Or more of a partier.

ID: 1025490

14. Or better at sex.

ID: 1025510

15. You took a women’s studies class.

ID: 1025537

16. You were a total badass. In your head.

ID: 1025645

17. You were the one people went to for weed.

ID: 1025576

18. You drank too much.

ID: 1025541

19. Like, way too much.

ID: 1025561

20. And you got really sloppy.

ID: 1025515

21. Sorry, but you were seriously kind of gross.

ID: 1025656

22. You took a French class.

ID: 1025677

23. You were so much deeper than anyone gave you credit for.

ID: 1025550

24. But mostly you were just really, really high.

ID: 1025451

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