What It Feels Like When You Don’t Get Any Sleep

When was the last time you got your full eight hours?

1. There’s nothing better than falling into bed after a long day.

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2. But going to sleep isn’t always as easy as putting your head on a pillow.

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3. You spend the first hour trying to find a comfortable position that JUST DOESN’T EXIST.

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4. Keep at it, you’ll get there. (You won’t.)

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5. Maybe it’s noise that’s keeping you up.

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6. Or if you’re lucky, sex.

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7. But most likely, you’re just lost in your own thoughts.

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8. You’re troubled by daunting existential questions.

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9. Or hey, maybe you’re hungry. That’s the problem. You end up eating way more than you should.

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10. You reach a point where you stop even trying.

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11. You watch TV for hours. Golden Girls reruns. Informercials. Call-in prayer shows.

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12. And before you know it, you have to wake up. Even though you STILL HAVEN’T SLEPT.

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13. You feel rage. At your alarm clock, at daylight, at yourself.

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14. You’re especially angry at time.

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15. And in the light of day, you realize how haggard you look.

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16. You try to explain how you’re feeling, but no one really gets it.

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18. You pound coffee, as though that will help. Maybe if you weren’t already a caffeine addict.

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19. You fall asleep at work.

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20. Or at least you try.

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21. You’re incredibly irritable.

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22. And VERY emotional.

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23. You start to overshare with everyone.

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24. You have trouble processing simple thoughts.

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25. Everything feels fuzzy and fake, like you’re stuck in a dream.

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26. You’re not even sure you’re really awake. INCEPTION.

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27. Either way, you’re convinced you’ve gone insane.

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28. Your behavior becomes increasingly erratic.

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29. Did someone put something in your coffee? Because you are NOT acting sober.

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30. Everything is HILARIOUS.

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31. People around you start to get concerned.

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32. Finally it’s nighttime again. You know how badly you need to catch up on lost sleep.

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33. So you collapse into bed.

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34. But as soon as your head hits the pillow, you realize…

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35. And so, the cycle continues.

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