The 13 Dwarves In The Hobbit, Ranked By Hotness

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Peter Jackson’s new Tolkien trilogy. Let’s ignore all of that and talk about The Hobbit’s dwarf eye candy.

13. Balin

Played by Ken Stott.

ID: 742137

12. Bombur

Played by Stephen Hunter.

ID: 742147

11. Bifur

Played by William Kircher.

ID: 742152

10. Oin

Played by John Callen.

ID: 742154

9. Dori

Played by Mark Hadlow.

ID: 742157

8. Nori

Played by Jed Brophy.

ID: 742158

7. Gloin

Played by Peter Hambleton.

ID: 742159

6. Ori

Played by Adam Brown.

ID: 742162

5. Dwalin

Played by Graham McTavish.

ID: 742163

4. Thorin

Played by Richard Armitage.

ID: 742164

3. Bofur

Played by James Nesbitt.

ID: 742167

2. Kili

Played by Aidan Turner.

ID: 742172

1. Fili

Played by Dean O’Gorman.

ID: 742176

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