35 Signs You’re A Recovering Renthead

Forget regret: there’s no reason to feel embarrassed about the number of times you saw Rent on Broadway.

1. You overrelated to Mark. Like, a lot.

ID: 947513

2. Do you know how hard it is to be the one who OBSERVES instead of the one who PARTICIPATES? Yeah. You do.

ID: 947738

3. Also you dance like this.

ID: 947943

4. You were way too emotionally invested in Roger/Mimi.

ID: 947549

5. And Maureen/Joanne.

ID: 947589

7. Be honest: you’re already getting a little emotional.

ID: 947585

8. Annnd now you’re crying.

ID: 947604

9. You wished you had a friend like Mark or Roger.

ID: 947632

10. This gave you SO MANY FEELS.

ID: 947743

11. Like, maybe you made fanart.

ID: 947827

12. And it got kind of weird.

ID: 947841

13. Your conception of gritty New York life was based entirely on the way these characters lived.

ID: 947939

14. You were convinced everyone in the city was either an artist or a dealer.

ID: 947968

15. This was the deepest lyric you’d ever heard.

ID: 947538

16. Or maybe this.

ID: 947812

18. This was your yearbook quote.

ID: 947558

19. Yeah, OK. Maybe.

ID: 947765

20. You waited in miserable weather to get the $20 lottery tickets.

ID: 947977

21. I mean, you’ve seen this show more than you’ve seen certain family members.

ID: 948022

22. (At one point, this was very helpful.)

ID: 947990

23. You can’t even count the times you’ve seen Maureen’s ass.

ID: 947936

24. You were always loyal to the OBC. And you still are.

ID: 947564

25. Of course, you’d make an exception for Aaron Tveit as Roger.

ID: 947577

26. But NOT Vanessa Hudgens as Mimi. That’s sacrilege.

ID: 948231

27. You listened to the OBCR nonstop in high school.

ID: 947788

28. You knew exactly when to crank it during “One Song Glory.” (“Time flies. Time DIIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSS!”)

ID: 947857

29. You definitely moo-ed.

ID: 947819

30. You knew all the lyrics to “La Vie Boheme.”

ID: 947638

31. And this always made you giggle.

ID: 947595

32. You can’t even see this without singing along.

ID: 947650

33. You sang both the Maureen and Joanne parts in “Take Me or Leave Me.”

ID: 947626

34. You never stopped mourning Jonathan Larson. And you never will.

ID: 947641

35. But you honor him with your life motto every day.

ID: 947655

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