40 Signs You Went To Berkeley

It was more than falling asleep on Memorial Glade and getting drunk at co-op parties — but that was a lot of it, too.

1. You were indoctrinated at CalSO.

ID: 1374606

2. So you know UCLA stole our fight song.

ID: 1374585

3. And that the correct response to “GO” is “BEARS!”

ID: 1374394

4. You also got tricked into believing “The Time Warp” would be a major part of your college experience.

20th Century Fox
ID: 1374383

5. You retroactively hiss at any mention of Stanfurd, which is how it’s spelled.

ID: 1374558

6. You speak in acronyms non-Berkeley people don’t understand, like GBC.

ID: 1374526

7. And FSM.

ID: 1374543

8. And GSI.

ID: 1374857

9. Related: You had a big crush on your GSI.

ID: 1374861

10. You’ve gotten lost in Dwinelle.

ID: 1374271

11. And fallen asleep on Memorial Glade.

ID: 1375399

12. You took Astro 10 with Filippenko to get rid of that pesky L&S breadth requirement.

ID: 1375075

13. You know exactly which people to avoid on Sproul.

ID: 1374285

14. But you have a deep respect for longstanding legends, like the Happy Happy Happy Man.

ID: 1374305

15. And Stoney Burke, even though he’s yelled at you for using your cell phone in his presence.

ID: 1374324

16. And Triangle Man.

ID: 1374330

17. You’ve purchased potent edibles from Patches on Telegraph.

ID: 1374343

18. And after getting really stoned, you ordered cheesy sticks from West Coast Pizza.

ID: 1374354

19. You have strong opinions about Blondies vs. Fat Slice, because you’ve drunkenly sampled both.

ID: 1374400

20. When you were feeling fancy (and sober), you opted for Cheeseboard.

ID: 1374369

21. You realize that there is better Italian food than Gypsy’s, but you weren’t willing to walk those few extra blocks.

ID: 1375093

22. The same goes for Mexican food and La Burrita.

ID: 1375098

23. But you were willing to travel a bit to get to brunch at the Thai temple on Sunday morning.

ID: 1375156

24. That is, if you could catch the bus. Damn you, 51!

ID: 1375249

25. You’ve skipped class to browse at Amoeba or Rasputin.

ID: 1375111

26. You’ve consumed 14 different types of alcohol in one night, because, well, it was a room-to-room.

ID: 1374412

27. You’ve passed out at a Cloyne party.

ID: 1374407

28. And you’ve attended co-op special dinners that you have no recollection of.

ID: 1374663

29. You’ve hooked up with someone you met on AnonCon.

ID: 1374450

30. And it was in the main stacks.

ID: 1374468

31. But mostly AnonCon made you cry, because some asshole said you were the ugliest person on campus.

ID: 1374497

32. You cheered yourself up by watching the streakers in the library.

ID: 1375265

33. Your heroes include Robert Reich.

David McNew / Getty Images
ID: 1374680

34. And Judith Butler.

ID: 1374690

35. You’re still surprised not everyone knows that gender is a social construct.

ID: 1374707

36. You feel weird loyalty to The Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind, just because the lead singers went to Cal.

ID: 1374732

37. But you’re less thrilled about other musical alumni.

ID: 1374745

38. At least one of your relatives will always call it “Berzerkeley.”

ID: 1374716

39. And honestly, that just makes you feel proud.

ID: 1374755

40. Oh, and you still have nightmares about missing your TeleBEARS appointment. Sorry, those never go away.

ID: 1374771

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