25 Reasons You’re Team Matty On "Awkward."

Like it’s even a contest.

1. That smile.

ID: 1032910

2. That smile combined with that body.

ID: 1032916

3. Oh, and those eyebrows.

ID: 1032958

4. He genuinely wants Jenna to be happy.

ID: 1032911

5. Because he LOVES HER.

ID: 1032940

6. I mean, he really, really loves her.

ID: 1032946

7. Which is why he’ll never be satisfied with friendship.

ID: 1032936

8. He’ll even take a punch for Jenna.

ID: 1032947

9. He’s kind of a badass.

ID: 1032909

10. But he has feelings, too.

ID: 1032932

11. Sometimes he’s kind of shy.

ID: 1032951

12. He’s put up with a lot.

ID: 1032999

13. He’s bromantic.

ID: 1033032

14. I mean, in an alternate universe he’s actually gay.

ID: 1033002

15. He calls Sadie on her shit.

ID: 1032984

16. He’s kinky in the best way possible.

ID: 1032925

17. He would NEVER call Jenna a slut, unlike SOME PEOPLE.

ID: 1032988

18. He knows his way out of an awkward situation.

ID: 1032930

19. And he’s always there when she needs him.

ID: 1032953

20. He’s amazing at hugs.

ID: 1032965

21. Did we mention he might be the BEST kisser?

ID: 1032962

22. Like, are you kidding me with this?

ID: 1032983

23. If you don’t die a little every time they kiss, you’re inhuman.

ID: 1033046

24. He’s perfect.

ID: 1032977

25. Conversation over.

ID: 1032970

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