35 Reasons Ross Geller Is The Worst

All six of the Friends gang have some annoying quirks, but Ross is a special kind of terrible. Pity those who love him.

1. He’s judgmental. Like, all the time.

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2. And condescending about the nerdiest things.

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3. He whines about EVERYTHING.

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4. I mean, he takes melodrama to a new level.

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5. And bums everyone else out in the process.

ID: 1049067

6. He even bums himself out.

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7. He truly believes the world is out to get him. Don’t you hate people like that?

ID: 1049091

8. This is how he reacted to spilling shampoo, by the way.

ID: 1049083

9. Maybe you’re not a good person, Ross. You ever think about THAT?

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11. He’s a grown man who won’t stop talking about dinosaurs.

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12. And yet, he tells OTHER people to grow up.

ID: 1049065

13. Also he calls his mother “Mommy.” Gross.

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14. His irrational jealousy makes him a total pain in the ass to date.

ID: 1049042

15. He’s a real dick to anyone else who dates Rachel.

ID: 1049131

16. Because he REFUSES to move on.

ID: 1049133

17. Speaking of, he said THE WRONG NAME at his wedding.

ID: 1049056

18. Probably because he’s, like, always getting married.

ID: 1049082

19. And when other people are getting married, he makes it about him. Shocking.

ID: 1049110

20. He tries to be one of those fun professors. The worst.

ID: 1049052

21. He’s just terrible at having fun in general.

ID: 1049064

22. He also sucks at being sexy.

ID: 1049070

23. And being suave.

ID: 1049072

24. And comforting people. What is this shit?

ID: 1049116

25. He has anger management issues.

ID: 1049060

26. He basically ruins costume parties.

ID: 1049079

27. He had a monkey, which was cool. But then he got rid of it. Whatever.

ID: 1049084

28. He’s not nearly as funny as he thinks he is.

ID: 1049086

29. Meanwhile, he can’t take a joke.

ID: 1049096

30. It’s like, calm down.

ID: 1049107

31. He’s just NOT self-aware. At all.

ID: 1049098


ID: 1049105

33. He’s just weird.

ID: 1049124

34. And AWKWARD. So awkward.

ID: 1049123

35. Worst of all, you can’t answer this question truthfully. Because he’ll cry.

ID: 1049137

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