15 People Who Think Google Is Honoring Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chávez was the socialist president of Venezuela; Cesar Chavez was a labor leader and civil rights activist. See the difference?

Some conservatives outraged over Google’s choice to feature a Cesar Chavez doodle instead of something Easter-related were especially angry because they mistook Cesar Chavez for the far more polarizing Hugo Chávez. March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day, not the late Hugo Chávez’s 86th birthday, as some have claimed.

It didn’t help that conservative Twitter watchdogs Twitchy, led by Michelle Malkin, misidentified the Google doodle in question as Hugo.

Here’s Michelle Malkin tweeting a link to the post.

The headline was changed a few hours before Malkin tweeted the link.

But the hyperlink remains the same.

Several people apparently missed the correction.


According to google, Hugo Chavez's 86th birthday is more important than Easter #reallynow

— trevorhwoods (@trevor woods)

On resurrection Sunday Google scum bags honored Hugo Chavez a murderer and Dictator human waste... Great job Google Hell is hot DYK'

— wwpevents (@Gerald krueger)

Happy Easter to all. Hallelujah, He has risen! Very sad to see Google honoring Hugo Chavez today and not the Savior of all mankind.

— HerrDoell (@Steve Doell)

So, on Easter Google chooses to honor Hugo Chavez. How does that make you feel?

— SonsHomes (@William (B. J.) Sons)

It appears that Google views Hugo Chavez more important than Easter according to their #Google artwork today #Easter

— rod4king (@Rod Davis)

I love how Google is honoring Hugo Chavez on their homepage. On Easter. #wow

— Slukes_16 (@Luke Reed)

Our Savior has arisen and #Google wants to honor #HugoChavez sad very sad...

— Bigballzz77 (@J pbocke)

Hugo Chavez being honored on google today, I guess tomorrow it will be Jim Carrey!

— JoeDeFranco (@Joseph DeFranco)

Google chooses Hugo Chavez over Jesus Christ today... Have you chosen something or someone over Jesus Christ?

— ScriptureSherpa (@AJ Herrmann)

#Google you people r pathetic excuse for American. Dishoring this day & offending you users with this Hugo Chavez crap! How dare you? Losers

— LisetteRiveira (@Lisette Riveira)

#Google, I get that maybe your company doesn't celebrate #Easter, but Hugo Chavez on your search page? A least put an American flag!

— tcot_ne (@Northeast Patriot)

Google is trusting on Hugo Chavez to be their Savior & Redeemer. LOST!

— marymauldin (@Mary Mauldin)

@YoungCons Google's home pages is Hugo Chavez on Easter. wow just wow... #reasonsihateliberals

— bulldogsam12 (@Sam Patton)

So on Easter Sunday, google has a picture of Hugo chavez up???? That doesn't make sense

— cweigley (@Carl Weigley)

Why is google commemorating Hugo Chavez...appalling

— bjoshpe (@Brett Joshpe)

For people still confused about the difference between Hugo Chávez and Cesar Chavez, try Google. Or Bing!

Correction: Michelle Malkin’s tweet came after “Hugo Chávez” had been changed to “Cesar Chavez.” An earlier version of this post misstated the timing. (3/31)

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