16 Mic Slips That Should Have Been Caught By An Editor

In the editors’ defense, these can be hard to spot. But hey, someone noticed.

1. “Purple Violets”

ID: 1058068

2. “Tower Heist”

ID: 1058070

3. “Mallrats”

ID: 1048193

4. “The House Bunny”

ID: 1048236

5. “Reservoir Dogs”

ID: 1048175

6. “Arrested Development”

ID: 1048177

7. “Everybody Loves Raymond”

ID: 1048206

8. “Ecoute Les Temps”

ID: 1048199

9. “Surf Nazis Must Die”

ID: 1048246

10. “The Larry Sanders Show”

ID: 1048294

11. “Warriors of the Deep”

ID: 1048258

12. “Arrested Development” (again)

That’s the guy holding the mic. Hey, dude.

ID: 1048284

13. “Malcolm in the Middle”

ID: 1048264

14. “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

ID: 1048289

15. “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”

ID: 1048272

16. “The Larry Sanders Show” (again)

Actually this entire Tumblr is largely Larry Sanders Show boom mic slips.

ID: 1048301

What other movie or TV mic slips have you noticed?

ID: 1048473

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