14 Memorable Uncle Vernon Moments From "Harry Potter"

In honor of actor Richard Griffiths, who passed away at 65.

1. When he celebrated the lack of Sunday mail.

ID: 1028507

2. Which made Sunday a “fine day.”

ID: 1028512

3. When he really, really hated mail.

ID: 1028518

4. When his house was invaded by wizard nonsense.

ID: 1028548

5. When he was gleeful.

ID: 1028517

6. When he was hungry.

ID: 1028521

7. When he took this tiny nap.

ID: 1028522

8. When he was suspicious.

ID: 1028525

9. When Harry Potter ruined his son.

ID: 1028549

10. When he was an “attentive” parent.

ID: 1028541

11. When he just wanted some coffee.

ID: 1028543

12. When he didn’t like Harry’s friends.

ID: 1028556

13. When he had to calm Petunia down.

ID: 1028547

14. When he pointed out the obvious.

ID: 1028554

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