Is Peter Dinklage Hot?

We’re here to help you with your confused feelings about the Game of Thrones star.

1. Exhibit A: This stance, hot.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 980269

2. Exhibit B: This puppy love, hot.

ID: 980329

3. Exhibit C: This soulful stare, hot.

ID: 980310

4. Exhibit D: This Rolling Stone cover, hot.

ID: 980428

5. Exhibit E: This much deserved win, hot.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
ID: 980340

6. Exhibit F: This silly face, hot.

ID: 980278

7. Exhibit G: This casual attire, hot.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 980361

8. Exhibit H: This exasperation, hot.

ID: 980284

9. Exhibit I: This rock star attitude, hot.

ID: 980459

10. Exhibit J: This scarf, hot.

Astrid Stalwarz / Getty Images
ID: 980389

11. Exhibit K: This inappropriate stare, hot.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 980487

12. Exhibit L: This beanie, hot.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images
ID: 980370

13. Exhibit M: This devilish grin, hot.

ID: 980443

14. Exhibit N: This GQ style, hot.

ID: 980413

15. Exhibit O: This casual studliness, hot.

ID: 980298

16. Exhibit P: This side-eye, hot.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 980477

17. Exhibit Q: This hoodie realness, hot.

ID: 980300

18. Exhibit R: This silent scream, hot.

ID: 980304

19. Exhibit S: This hair, hot.

John Shearer / Getty Images
ID: 980352

20. Exhibit T: This paternal instinct, hot.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 980335

21. Exhibit U: This female attention, hot.

ID: 980409

22. Exhibit V: This facial hair, hot.

Ben Gabbe / Getty Images
ID: 980366

23. Exhibit W: This tie, hot.

ID: 980438

24. Exhibit X: This acceptance speech, hot.

Golden Globes
ID: 980481

25. Exhibit Y: This double trouble, hot.

ID: 980321

26. Exhibit Z: This face, hot.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images
ID: 980377

27. Conclusion: Yes, Peter Dinklage is hot.

ID: 980493

INSPIRED BY: Is Eddie Redmayne Hot?

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