Channing Tatum Wants To Have Sex With George Clooney

And we very much want that to happen.

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In an interview with The Sun, Channing Tatum got cheeky when talking about George Clooney. Here’s what he had to say.

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3. “Well, I’ve spent time with George Clooney…”

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4. “And he’s the most interesting man on the planet.”

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5. “He can do it all.”

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6. “Yep, I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him.”

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7. But would George Clooney have sex with Channing Tatum?

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9. We can’t say for sure.

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10. But let’s assume, given the opportunity…

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11. George Clooney would totally tap that.

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12. So, boys?

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13. Come on. Oh, come on.

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14. Let’s get it on.

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