31 Flavors Of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, In Case You Don’t Feel Like Looking It Up Yourself, Fatty

These are the original 31 flavors. Inspired by Riley Fox’s tweet and the #BadBuzzFeedLists hashtag game.

1. Eggnog

Would eat.

ID: 1071116

3. Coffee

A flavor we still treasure.

ID: 1071120

4. Coffee Candy

Wait, if the coffee flavor doesn’t taste like candy, I don’t want it anymore.

ID: 1071122

5. Black Walnut

Looks tasty.

ID: 1071124

6. Banana Nut Fudge

ID: 1071126

7. Burgundy Cherry

Did this refer to the wine or the color? We may never know!

ID: 1071129

8. Maple Nut

Via qz.com
ID: 1071131

9. Lemon Crisp

Is it this? Totally down if it’s this.

ID: 1071138

10. Lemon Custard


ID: 1071141

11. Lemon Sherbet

OK, someone has a fetish.

ID: 1071142

12. Chocolate


ID: 1071147

13. Vanilla


ID: 1071150

14. Strawberry

Of course!

ID: 1071153

15. Green Mint Stick

Wait, what?

ID: 1071155

16. Chocolate Almond

ID: 1071172

17. Orange Sherbet

Everyone but Megan Draper loves this stuff.

ID: 1071156

18. Butterscotch Ribbon

ID: 1071157

19. Cherry Macaroon

ID: 1071158

20. Chocolate Chip

You literally cannot go wrong with these guys.

ID: 1071159

21. Date Nut

Ask your parents.

ID: 1071160

22. Chocolate Fudge

ID: 1071161

23. Raspberry Sherbet

ID: 1071162

24. Chocolate Ribbon

(Not actual ribbon.)

ID: 1071171

25. Peppermint Stick

Like this, but ice cream.

ID: 1071163

26. French Vanilla

Oh, you fancy, huh?

ID: 1071164

27. Rocky Road

A reliable classic.

ID: 1071165

28. Pineapple Sherbet

ID: 1071166

29. Peppermint Fudge Ribbon

Probably tasted like these, which look delicious.

ID: 1071169

30. Chocolate Mint

Going very literal with the image here.

ID: 1071170

31. Vanilla Burnt Almond

Burnt almond is what cyanide tastes like. AVOID.

ID: 1071173

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